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Zavor ZPot Pressure Cooker

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  • Quick and Simple Usage
  • Automatic Pressure Lock
  • Available in 4.2 Qt., 6.3 Qt., and 10 Qt.
  • HIGH Setting

No Pressure Pressure Cooker

The perfect introductory pressure cooker, the Zavor ZPot is designed to be simple and easy to use. The sleek handle allows for easy opening and closing, an features a quick dial for pressure release and cleaning selection. The high-pressure setting is versatile, letting you pressure cook anything and everything. Featuring the latest safety features, the ZPot has an automatic locking handle and a silicone gasket ensuring the pressure stays inside the cooker. Simply add your ingredients and close the lid, and the ZPot pressure cooker will take care of the rest.

Name: Zavor ZPot Pressure Cooker
Manufacturer: Zavor