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"Handy" - Salt or Pepper Mill


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Mobi Handy Salt and Pepper Mill

A unique countertop salt and pepper mill for eclectic tastes

Mobi’s new salt and pepper mill takes a brand new approach to  “giving a helping hand” in the kitchen. Available in both left and right,  these pepper mills come with a completely poseable hand made of beechwood to greet and entertain your dinner guests. These mills are a unique and one-of-a kind way to bring some fun and excitement into your cooking and dining experience. The Mobi “Handy” Mill’s grinders are also made of ceramic instead of metal to keep flavors as they should. 

  • Made of Beechwood and ceramic
  • Available in left and right
  • Eccentric hand-shaped design
  • Powerful ceramic grinder
  • A statement piece that combines countertop art with utility

About Mobi

The mission of Mobi is to create new, exciting, and limitless products, much like its namesake, the Mobius Strip. Mobi creates all kinds of innovative and creative cookware for the chefs who are not afraid to take risks and explore the limits of their kitchen. And with an accumulated total of eighty years of experience, they use their knowledge to cook up some pretty amazing products.

Name: "Handy" - Salt or Pepper Mill
UPC: 643462179572
Manufacturer: Mobi USA LLC