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Wusthof White Poly Cutting Board


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Wusthof Cutting Boards

Designed to handle the punishment that your razor-sharp Wusthof cutlery deals out with a smile, these special non-porous cutting boards are ideal for protecting your valuable countertops while also protecting your valuable cutlery collection. Designed from a high-density, durable polyurethane blend, this cutting board offers an easy-to-clean surface that is hygienic and suitable for everyday use. Cleanup is also a breeze with these special boards as they are 100% dishwasher safe and come with a juice well for catching and easy disposal of liquids. Available in small (7.5" x 10"), medium (11.5" x 17.5"), and large (15" x 19.5"), these cutting boards are the perfect tool for a variety of tasks and countertop space and sure to please any knife user.

About Wusthof

Since the 1800s, Wusthof has set the standard for the design and manufacture of quality, high-grade forged cutlery. These days, Wusthof knives and knife sets are created by a highly skilled team of over 300 specialists in Solingen, Germany.

Name: Wusthof White Poly Cutting Board
UPC: 402293203706
Manufacturer: Wusthof