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Residential Use
Made in Germany

Wusthof Whetstone Sharpener J400/J2000


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  • Produces an extremely sharp edge
  • Suitable for water or oil
  • Dimensions: 6" L x 2" W x 1" H
  • Material: Ceramic

Wusthof Whetstone Sharpener F240/F800 and J400/J2000

Whetstones are used to produce an exceptionally sharp edge to steel blades. Wusthof's Whetstone Sharpener Superfine is the tool you need to create fine edges for effortless cutting. This whetstone features two sides, a 400 grit side to remove dents and flaws from the blade, while the 2000 grit will hone to preferred sharpness. Overall, your knives require special care and maintenance to keep them lasting for years in your kitchen. Aside from regular honing, the whetstone is a fantastic way to sharpen your blade edges to be crisp and sharp. Wusthof has been producing high-quality cutlery for over 200 years. The whetstone sharpener superfine from Wusthof is ideal for creating the sharpest edge possible to keep your knives working in tip-top shape. The whetstone's compact size provides easy storage, even in the smallest kitchens.

Name: Wusthof Whetstone Sharpener J400/J2000
UPC: 4002293445007
Manufacturer: Wusthof