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Wusthof Tri-Stone Whetstone Knife Sharpening Kit


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  • The perfect tool for restoring your favorite kitchen knives to like-new condition
  • Features stones in three different "grits" to help restore the razor-sharp edge on your Wusthof knives
  • Includes a water-bottle for re-wetting the stone during use
  • Includes a durable wooden storage case
  • Made in Solingen, Germany by expert blade makers at Wusthof, a family owned company since 1814
  • Wusthof Tri-Stone Knife Sharpener Kit

    Keeping your Wusthof knives in pristine condition is easier than ever with this special tri-stone knife sharpening stone. Utilizing a special three stage sharpening process, it's easy to restore your knives to factory-like condition and hone your blade back to the perfect cutting edge. For all-in-one sharpening, it offers three different grits - each clearly labeled either "coarse" "medium" or "fine". Utilize the "Coarse" 240-grit abrasive side for pre-sharpening and to remove small nicks in the blade. Easily restore the finely sharpened edge on your blade with the "medium" 1000-grit side, and then polish to razor-sharp perfection with the "fine" 3000-grit side. Wusthof item number 3069720201, previously 2911.

    Name: Wusthof Tri-Stone Whetstone Knife Sharpening Kit
    UPC: 4002293120058 
    Manufacturer: Wusthof