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Wusthof Traveler Case


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  • Traveler case only
  • Holds up to a 6" chef’s knife

Wusthof Traveler Case

This convenient travel case from Wusthof is perfect for taking your knife set on-the-go! The rugged construction will keep your knives safe and secure in your suitcase or travel bag. When opened, the left side reveals 3 slots for your favorite knives and a protective cover. On the left side is a leather pouch to hold your Wusthof Shears, as well as elastic bands to hold Wusthof accessories such as a Keychain Knife Sharpener and a Wusthof Waiter's Corkscrew.

Name: Wusthof Traveler Case
UPC: 4002293275208
Manufacturer: Wusthof