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Wusthof Knife Backpack


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  • Removable knife holding insert
  • PVC lined for maximum safety and protection of your knives
  • Velcro straps secure cutlery in place
  • Includes a special slot for your laptop and extra pockets
  • Lifetime Warranty

Wusthof Knife Backpack

For those chefs or caterers who are constantly on the go, or culinary students learning the trade, your savior has finally arrived. The Wusthof Knife Back Pack will safely and securely store and transport your prized cutlery to your destinations. A removable insert has slots for up to 10 knives, with the maximum length being 10 inches (26 cm). For optimum safety for yourself and the cutlery, the lining of this backpack is constructed with PVC and there are Velcro-locked covers present to lock in the blades. The backpack comes with plenty of extra pockets - there's even a specific area for your laptop! Wusthof item number 7392-.

Name: Wusthof Knife Backpack
UPC: 4002293739212
Manufacturer: Wusthof