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Wusthof Deluxe Honing Steel

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Remember to properly hone your Wusthof cutlery when the times comes with the Honing Steel. Professional chefs hone their knives daily, but it really depends on the frequency of use. Don't confuse with this honing steel with a sharpening steel, which actually removes metal and gives your knife a new edge. Honing steels gently realign the edge which tends to naturally fold on itself. Thousands of tiny teeth are littered across the edge of the blade in a straight line, visible only under a microscope. After use, the teeth become out of line and make the knife falsely appear dull. Realign the teeth with the Wusthof honing steel, and only sharpen your blades a couple times a year if needed. Your honing steel needs to be at least as long as your longest knife.

Name: Wusthof Deluxe Honing Steel
UPC: 4002293447414
Manufacturer: Wusthof