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Wusthof Cooking School Bag with Wusthof Logo


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  • Unfolded Dimensions: 20" x 20"
  • Closed Dimensions: 20" x 10" x 6"

Wusthof Knife Backpack

Transporting your knives has never been easier than with the Wusthof Cooking School Bag. Give your knives the care they require by carrying them inside the bag. This bag features three large zipper sections, along with small zippers and pocket sections that are perfect for storing small knives and other gadgets. The small compartments are great for storing recipes, pens, and notes inside the bag. The bag is designed to unfold like a book; it measures a 20" x 20" square after unfolding, making it easy to access your tools quickly. Since 1814, Chefs around the world have benefited from products that solely focuses on getting chefs the best tools for culinary success. Travel with confidence knowing your knives are kept and transported safely with the Cooking School Bag from Wusthof.

Name: Wusthof Cooking School Bag with Wusthof Logo
UPC: 4002293736808
Manufacturer: Wusthof