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Wusthof 9-slot Knife Block

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Wusthof 9-Slot Knife Block

Wusthof's 9-slot wood knife block is an excellent piece that makes storing your knives secure and safe. The block features 7-slots for various knives, plus a slot for a honing steel, and kitchen shears. The best part besides safe storage is the convenience of food prep. It can be an overwhelming task, but food prep is less stressful when your knives are readily accessible. Wusthof understands chefs require the high-quality products for successful cooking. Their famous Trident logo represents the key company principles: form, function, and quality. Aside from regular honing, how you store your knives is an important part of preserving them. Have your knife collection on hand with this fantastic block sitting on your counter top at home. It's a great way to accent your kitchen decor.

Name: Wusthof 9-slot Knife Block
UPC: 4002293725017
Manufacturer: Wusthof