Residential Use

Wusthof 20″ Magnabar Knife Holder

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  • Length: 20", Width: 1"
  • Aluminum will not damage blades
  • Two magnetic strips for a secure latch
  • Made in Germany

Display Your Cutlery

Free up space on your counter and remove that stunning cutlery from its wooden cave with the Wusthof 20" Magnabar. This is such a convenient way to store your knives, relieving you the headache of digging through drawers and pulling every knife out of the block to find your Excalibur. The bar is comprised of two strong magnetic segments capable of holding knives ranging from paring to meat cleavers. Hang the Magnabar on your cabinet, wall, or above your sink and counter, and make your kitchen a little more stylish. Mounting parts included. Made in Germany.

Name: Wusthof 20″ Magnabar Knife Holder
UPC: 4002293722627
Manufacturer: Wusthof