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Residential Use

Wusthof 18″ Magnabar


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  • Length: 18", Width: 1"
  • Two magnetic strips for a secure latch
  • Made in Germany

Display Your Cutlery

Beautiful, stylish, and practical, the 18" Magnabar from Wusthof will provide a safe and secure place to store your knives. This bar provides the space you need to store them without causing rusting or scratches. Using the Magnabar frees up precious drawer and counter top storage space. As your knives are open and accessible, you'll be able to grab your knives quickly during meal prep. The 18" Magnabar from Wusthof is an excellent tool for smaller kitchens that lack storage space. With a few color options to choose from, there is a Magnabar that will look great and work well for your kitchen.

Name: Wusthof 18″ Magnabar
UPC: 4002293107813
Manufacturer: Wusthof