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Swiss Diamond ″No More Mess!″ Spatula

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  • Item Number: SDT01
  • Oven safe up to 480° F (250° C)
  • Dishwasher safe—hand wash recommended

Keep Your Counters Clean

Cooks love Swiss Diamond's "NO MORE MESS!" batter spatula because the flexible head gets every drop of batter out of the bowl without a problem. However, this tool is not just for batter. Use it for scraping sauces out of pans, or slide it under pieces of meat to flip without an issue. With a heat resistance up to 480 degree F, the spatula is easy to use with very hot foods. It is designed to have an ergonomic silicone handle for a comfortable and secure grip. The versatility of this spatula makes it a highly desired product. Swiss Diamond's mission is to provide high-quality products for cooks around the globe. Swiss Diamond SDT01.

About Swiss Diamond

Founded in 1974, Swiss Diamond International Sarl is a private company located in the Swiss Alps. Using the demand for more efficient and improved non-stick cookware as inspiration, Swiss Diamond engineered an innovative type of non-stick coating that utilizes real diamond crystals--which is the hardest material known--and they patented the technology. In 2006, the company sought to improve their revolutionary technology and spent four years researching and testing. In 2010, Swiss Diamond released their advanced HD coating line, which features a 30% overhaul. All current products are manufactured using the new HD coating.

Name: Swiss Diamond ″No More Mess!″ Spatula
UPC: 7640119212586
Manufacturer: Swiss Diamond

Use and Care

Heat resistant up to 480 degree F/250 degrees C.

The ideal tool to use with nonstick cookware.

Dishwasher safe.

Hand wash is recommended.