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Swiss Diamond HD Induction 6 Piece Cookware Set

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  • This popular set features some of Swiss Diamond’s mode popular cookware pieces and is a great set to bolster the collection of any chef in your life
  • HD Diamond Crystal super non-stick pan coating
  • Ergonomic stay cool handles
  • Tempered and vented glass lids
  • Made in Switzerland, Limited Lifetime Warranty

Introducing the all-new Swiss Diamond HD Induction 6 Piece Cookware Set

Welcome to a new world of non-stick cooking with this unique Swiss Diamond HD Induction Cookware Collection! Experience the joys of true non-stick induction cooking with this specially constructed set of high quality pans and lids.

Included in this Set Are:

This specialized Swiss Diamond Collection aims to provide you with a solid set to either start off your new gourmet cookware collection or to bolster an existing collection.

The Swiss Diamond Difference

The Swiss Diamond HD Collection has long stood as one of the most popular and sought after cookware collections for professionals and home cooks alike. The super tough, nonstick cooking surface featured on these pans has allowed many culinary creations to come to life that simply aren't possible to duplicate in a more traditional piece of cookware. Handcrafted in Switzerland, the Swiss Diamond HD collection is a Heavy Duty, Professional Quality, Precision cast aluminum cookware line featuring a revolutionary non-sticking cooking surface that includes real diamond crystals - the hardest material known to man - to form a virtually indestructible cooking surface that is designed to last a lifetime. This unique coating has been developed by Swiss engineers and patented worldwide to truly give you the last cookware set that you'll ever need.

Swiss Diamond Induction Cookware

If you have ever used any induction cookware before, than you will understand just how important build quality is to making a great piece of induction cookware. But what is induction cookware exactly? To put it simply, induction cookware is magnetic. With a traditional electric or gas powered range, the heating element transfers heat directly into anything that may be sitting atop the burner, but an induction cook-top uses a copper coil to produce a magnetic field that will only heat a ferromagnetic cooking surface. These special stovetops stay relatively cool to the touch, with the only heat on the cook-top coming heat radiating off of the cookware and are not an open source of direct heat, reducing or eliminating any mishaps or dangers that may occur while using a burner like this. The major benefits of an induction cook-top are that it heats much faster than open heat sources and are many times more energy efficient than their more traditional counterparts. Induction cook-tops do not transfer any heat to the air surrounding a piece of cookware, which is one of the largest sources of energy waste in older, traditional style cookware. And since the possibility of thermal energy escaping into the surrounding air is removed from the equation by using magnetic induction, your pan will heat more quickly and more thoroughly than any traditional style cook top.

The Ultimate, Ultra-Strong, Non-Stick Cookware

These Special Swiss Diamond HD Cookware pieces all feature a revolutionary non-stick coating incorporating diamond crystals (the hardest material known to man) to form a virtually indestructible non-stick cooking surface that will not crack, blister, or peel. The surface is so durable that it can be considered metal utensil and dishwasher safe (usually a big "no-no" for nonstick cookware). Even the outside of these special pans is coated in diamonds, giving you a lifetime of unbeatable non-stick performance and easy to clean convenience. In addition to providing a rigidity and level of scratch resistance unparalleled by any other cookware line available on the market today, the diamond coating also provides an excellent conduit for thermal heat transfer as there is nothing that conducts heat more efficiently or quickly than diamonds. This, in combination with the pressure cast aluminum body, Swiss Diamond maximizes heat transfer across the base and sides of the cookware, eliminating hot spots from your cookware and helping to prevent burning, no matter what you may be cooking. The perfectly flat, extra thick base will never warp, and as heat is distributed so efficiently on Swiss Diamond, you don't need to cook high heat (as a matter of fact, you shouldn't ever use high heat with these pans) helping to further reduce your energy bills.

Style, Comfort, and Versatility

Swiss-Diamond Cookware features a plethora of unique design elements like handle shape and size that help to make this cookware line look just as good as it performs. Aside from stunningly good all-black color that fits well in any kitchen decor, this cookware collection's tangible features and sleek design make it a perfect fit in your healthy lifestyle and in your home. The Swiss Diamond stay-cool handles are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and balance and are oven safe up to 260 °C (500 °F). As these specialized handles are not riveted to the cookware, and have no direct contact with the cooking surface of the cookware, they offer maximum protection against bacteria. The vented, heat tempered glass covers offer see-through convenience to prevent boil-over or over cooking. Whether you are looking for functionality, versatility, or design to suit your needs, the Swiss Diamond HD Collection is sure to offer you exactly what you are looking for.

Name: Swiss Diamond HD Induction 6 Piece Cookware Set
UPC: 7640119212647
Manufacturer: Swiss Diamond

Swiss Diamond HD Cookware Use and Care

Swiss Diamond HD Cookware is some of the finest quality Non-Stick cookware available on the market today. At JL Hufford we take pride in being able to offer you these great pieces of cookware at the lowest price possible while also offering you the best customer service in the business. We want your cookware to last a lifetime, if possible, and we want to offer you the best information possible so that your cookware will last. Swiss Diamond offers a plethora of Use and Care knowledge on their website to help you take care of your specialty non-stick cookware, and as always we here at JL Hufford are more than willing to help you out with whatever you may need, simply contact us here and one of our highly trained customer service associates will get back with you as soon as possible to help you with your problem.

Use and Care Instructions

Swiss Diamond cookware is designed to provide you with a lifetime of next-to-none nonstick cookware performance and proper maintenance and cleaning is a very important part of making sure that these quality pans do just that. As always, it is very important to follow proper maintenance procedures as failure to follow these will void your Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Using the Proper Temperature Settings
Medium to Low Heat Only: Swiss Diamond Cookware is designed in such a way that the use of extremely high heat settings is never required. These pans are designed to provide excellent thermal conductivity between the heat source and the cookware piece and the use of high heat settings can actually cause damage to the cookware. Swiss Diamond recommends starting out at a medium heat setting and making minor adjustments as needed to achieve the perfect heat level. Always make sure to place your pan on the exact center of the heating element. CAUTION: Overheating your Swiss Diamond cookware WILL cause irreparable damage to your cookware and void your Limited Lifetime Warranty
Preheating Your Swiss Diamond Cookware
To allow for proper expansion of the materials in the pan as it heats and to ensure a very evenly heated cooking surface, Swiss Diamond recommends that you preheat the cookware for two to three minutes before adding any food. In order to test the readiness of the pan, you simply need to sprinkle a few drops of water across the surface of the pan and take note of the reaction that occurs. Sizzling and beading of the water indicates that the cookware is prepared for use and that the pan should be heated no further. If the water instantly vaporizes this indicates that the cookware is too hot and that the temperature should be reduced and the pan re-tested in two to three minutes. Again, it is VERY important to not overheat your cookware as this will cause damage and void your Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Using Cooking Oils, Butter, and Non-Stick Sprays
Swiss Diamond pans have been designed from the bottom up to NOT be used with any sort of oil or spray. The special nonstick surface is designed to keep food from sticking to it for a lifetime. If you do decide to utilize an oil for cooking, it is very important to ALWAYS use it at the manufacturer's recommended heat setting to avoid damage to your cookware. For Example: Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Butter should only ever be used over a LOW heat setting.CAUTION:Non Stick cooking sprays should never be used as they will damage the non-stick surface of the cookware and void your Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Using the Proper Cooking Utensils
The integrity of the non-stick surface in your Swiss Diamond cookware can be easily compromised if the wrong utensils are used during cooking. Any metal utensil or utensil with a sharp point or edge should never be used as it may scratch and damage the nonstick cooking surface of your cookware. You should also avoid chopping, cutting, or use of any electric whisk or beater during cooking as it may also damage the nonstick cooking surface of your cookware. Swiss Diamond recommends the use of only Silicone or Wooden cooking utensils as these will not harm the non-stick cooking surfaces of your special cookware.
Using your Swiss Diamond cookware in the oven.
All Swiss Diamond cookware is designed to be oven safe up to 500°F (260°C), this includes the lids included with many pieces and the ergonomic serving handles present on many pieces.
Cleaning Procedures
Swiss Diamond are designed to be 100% dishwasher safe but it is recommended that you hand wash your pans to ensure that they do not get scraped or dinged while inside the dishwasher. Swiss Diamond recommends that before you use each piece of cookware for the first time (and after each successive use) that you thoroughly wash them with hot, very soapy water. It is important to never use oven cleaners or any sort of abrasive pads or detergents on your cookware as this will damage the non-stick cooking surface and void your warranty. When Swiss Diamond cookware has not been cleaned properly after each use a thin layer of food residue may form on the pan and will carbonize the next time that the pan is used, food will stick to this carbonized layer and hinder the performance of your cookware.
Storing your Swiss Diamond cookware.
If cabinet space requires that you stack your Swiss Diamond cookware, it is recommended that you use a paper towel between each pan in order to prevent scratches to the non-stick cooking surfaces.

Use and Care

Swiss Diamond nonstick pans require care to help them last a lifetime. To keep the pan’s unsurpassed non stick properties, continue to take special care.

Low to medium heat

Never cook with high heat. This causes damage to the cooking surface. Preheat your pan on a medium high heat for 2 to 3 minutes before adding your food.

Oil Use

Swiss Diamond nonstick pans contain small diamond pieces within the surface, allowing you to use little to no oil. If you do use oil, use a high temperature cooking oil such as sunflower, avocado, etc. It is not recommended to use olive oil or butter. Never use a non stick spray.

Proper Utensils

Never use metal utensils when cooking on a nonstick pan. Silicone and wooden tools are best. Never cut food within the pan. If you’re using an immersion blender, make sure it never touches the sides or bottom of the pan.

Oven safe

Swiss Diamond Cookware is oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius). Always use pot holders when picking up the pan as the handles will get extremely hot and will cause harm.


Always clean Swiss Diamond pans with hot soapy water after each use. Do not use an abrasive brush as this can ruin the nonstick surface. Swiss Diamond cookware is dishwasher safe, but we recommend washing by hand. Make sure to thoroughly the pan to prevent harmful bacteria growth.


When stacking pans, be sure to place paper towels in between each pan to prevent scratches.

Lid Use and Care

Heat tempered glass offers a lid that is 4x stronger than untreated glass.

Adjustable steam vent allows you to release or contain moisture.

Stainless steel rim traps moisture inside the pan.

Oven safe up to 500 degrees F/260 Degrees C.

Dishwasher safe, but hand wash is recommended.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Swiss Diamond warrants to the original owner of the cookware that is is free of defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. This warranty does not cover glass lids or handles. The warranty does not apply if Swiss Diamond's Use and Care Instructions are not followed. The warranty does not cover damage or destruction caused by misuse, abuse, accident, overheating, alterations or commercial use. The warranty does not cover stains, discoloration, food odor, scratch marks or dents.