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SousVide Supreme Vacuum Seal Cooking Pouches, 2 Rolls

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  • Sousvide Supreme Vacuum Seal Pouches, 2 Rolls, Product Number: svv-00306
  • Perfect for preparing foods for sous vide cooking
  • Also good for preserving foods in refrigerator/freezer
  • Works great with the Sousvide Supreme VS3000 Vacuum Sealer
  • 2 Rolls of size-to-fit Vacuum Seal Pouches

SousVide Supreme Vacuum Seal Cooking Pouches, 2 Rolls

What's Included?

  • 2 Rolls- 11" x 20' - SousVide Supreme Vacuum Seal Cooking Pouches
SousVide Supreme Cooking Pouches are specially designed for sous vide style cooking and are 100% food and heat safe for this purpose. These pouches are also suitable for microwave cooking and for preserving food in the refrigerator or freezer. These pouches have been independently verified by a third party company to be Bisphenol-A (BPA) free. These packages work great with the SousVide Supreme VS3000 Vacuum Sealer. This special package features two rolls that measure 20 feet in length to provide you with plenty of heat sealing capability regardless of food size.

About SousVide and Sousvide Cooking

"SousVide" cooking describes a decades-old French cooking method that uses hot water submersion coupled with vacuum sealed foods to provide a delicious and succulent taste that you cannot get from any other style of cooking. This slow cooking method will produce foods that retain all of their natural juices and are cooked to exactly the right temperature each and every time while eliminating the chance of overcooking through precise temperature management. A Sousvide water oven also allows you to enjoy more of your foods and even provides a nutritional value boost since it retains all of its juices and enzymes. The SousVide Supreme line of SousVide Water Ovens and Vaccum Sealers make the process a breeze: Simply vacuum seal your food, set the oven to the desired temperature, place the sealed package in the water bath, and set the timer. It's that easy! With simple to follow instructions and easy cleanup procedures, making dishes that rival even the finest French restaurants will become an everyday occasion in your home!

Name: SousVide Supreme Vacuum Seal Cooking Pouches, 2 Rolls
UPC: 854838002633
Manufacturer: SousVide Supreme