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SousVide Supreme Sous Vide for the Home Cookbook


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  • Easily turn out professional quality food items with this special recipe book for the SousVide Supreme Water Oven.
  • Features over 200 recipes for all types of food
  • Features extensively researched time and temperature tables
  • How-To Basics
  • Learn-By-Doing Instructional Technique
  • 2nd Edition

About This Special Cookbook

Featuring over 200 unique recipes, this special cookbook is designed to forever change the way that you eat and entertain. The perfect accompaniment to any of the SousVide Supreme Temperature Controlled Water Ovens, this special cookbook features simplified recipes designed to get you the most value out of your special Water Oven. Included in this unique guide are recipes for sauces, fruits, vegetables, fish, duck, turkey, chicken, game, lamb, pork, beef and even ice cream and yogurt bases complete with extensively researched temperature and timetables to provide you with all of the knowledge you'll need to begin cranking out gourmet recipes with great ease. 2nd Edition.

What is SousVide?

Sous Vide (pronounced sue-veed) is literally translated to "under pressure" in the French language and is a great way to describe the cooking process behind SousVide Supreme products. Sous-Vide has been utilized as a well-known technique by chefs worldwide for a long time now. J.L. Hufford is proud to bring this incredible cooking method to your home through the incredible and easy-to-use SousVide Supreme Water Oven. The SousVide line of professional quality water bath ovens works by cooking food inside of air-tight, vacuum sealed packages that are submerged in a hot water bath that is held precisely at a predetermined temperature. The end result of using this method is nothing less than perfectly cooked food.

Name: SousVide Supreme Sous Vide for the Home Cookbook
UPC: 9780984493609
Manufacturer: SousVide Supreme