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Shun Combination Whetstone 1000/6000 Grit


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  • The ideal tool for restoring your blades to the way they were the day that they were forged, this combination whetstone is a great tool for any chef
  • Rough-to-Medium grit construction
  • 1000 and 6000 ceramic grit
  • Shun recommends sharpening cutlery at least one per month for frequently used blades
  • Beautiful gift box included with purchase
  • Made in China

Return the Factory Edge

The Shun Combination Whetstone 1000 Grit/6000 Grit is an ideal choice to get your Shun cutlery back to the factory edge, if/when needed. Even the dullest of blades will return to their original state in no time flat. This rough-to-medium whetstone is dual-sided and features two types of ceramic grit: 1000/6000. To use this whetstone, soak it in water for 10 to 20 minutes before using it. It needs to be completely soaked, and you need to verify that it remains slightly wet while you're using it. It is recommended to sharpen frequently used cutlery approximately once a month, and every 3 to 6 months for less regularly-used blades. The stone is stored in a gift box. To guarantee to return your cutlery to the sharpest of blades, look no further than the Shun Combination Whetstone 1000 Grit/6000 Grit. Rubber base. Made in China. Shun item number SSM0600 replaced DM0600.


Product Length: 7.25" Product Width: 2.5" Product Height: 1.5"

About Shun

Shun in Japanese actually translates to "at the peak of perfection," and no words could better describe this outstanding company. Renowned for their traditional knife making style and aesthetic design, the highly skilled artisans at the Kai Corporation (the parent company of "Shoon") have been making blades of the highest quality in homage to the legendary sword smiths of Seki, Japan for over 100 years. Each and every knife is handmade, from beginning to end, requiring at least 100 meticulous steps along the way. It is out of this respect and admiration towards their ancestors, coupled with advanced technology and materials, that Shun produces basically pieces of art that also happen to be razor-sharp knives.

Name: Shun Combination Whetstone 1000/6000 Grit
UPC: 087171058740
Manufacturer: Shun