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Shun Classic Bread Knife - 9″


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  • Cut through crusty and soft breads with the same level of ease with this must-have bread knife that is sure to be a hit in any household
  • Handcrafted from high quality, high carbon steel
  • Low frequency serration adorn the razor sharp cutting edge of this blade
  • Ergonomic and comfortable blade handle
  • Made in Japan, Lifetime Warranty

Shun Classic 9" Bread Knife


You'll be fighting over who gets to slice the loaf with Shun's Classic 9" Bread Knife. Whether the loaf is delicately soft or on the hard side, the result will be the same: effortless perfection. You'll notice the wide, low frequency serrations on the blade which allow for a unique slice to accompany this unique knife. This exceptional knife has range as well. Just try it something even tougher like a roast and something as delicate as a tomato. Handcrafted in Japan. Lifetime Warranty. Shun item number DM0705.

Shun Technology Highlights

  • VG-10 stainless steel: Adds cobalt for strength and hardness, vanadium for superior edge retention. The higher density allows the steel to be tempered to a higher Rockwell (60-62). Requires minimal care to avoid corrosion. Razor-sharp blade and phenomenal edge retention.
  • 16° Angle: Blade is sharpened to 16°. Ensures food is cut properly and precisely; no torn or bruised food so ingredients retain the same flavor and freshness.
  • PakkaWood Handles: Resin-impregnated natural hardwood; waterproof, durable, comfortable; won't harbor bacteria.
  • Awards: Blade Magazine's Blade Show Kitchen Knife of the Year winner (2003 - Classic 8" Santoku, 2005 - Ken Onion 8" Chef's, 2006 - Elite 10" Chef's, 2007 - Kaji, 2008 - Shun Classic Line, 2010 Premier Line, 2011 - Fuji Line). Shun has won many more industry awards for beauty, performance, and innovation.
  • Complimentary lifetime sharpening service (you ship, they sharpen)
  • Designers: Ken Onion, Alton Brown
  • NSF Certified
  • Lifetime warranty

Shun Classic Series Features

Shun's Classic Series offers the widest assortment of traditional Japanese and European blade shapes and contemporary designs. At first glance, you'll notice instantly the beautiful waved pattern on the blade which resembles a combination of tree-rings and ripples in water. This form of Kasumi-style knife making similar to pattern Damascus, or in Japanese suminigashi ("ink pattern"), is not only visually appealing but actually allows the blade to slide through food easier. This variation of pattern Damascus is formed by folding, welding, grinding, and polishing 32 layers (16 per side) of softer steel (SUS410/SUS431) that protect and support the VG-10 stainless steel core. The D-shaped ebony PakkaWood handle fits perfectly in the hand and stabilizes the blade to prevent turning.

About Shun

Shun in Japanese actually translates to "at the peak of perfection," and no words could better describe this outstanding company. Renowned for their traditional knife making style and aesthetic design, the highly skilled artisans at the Kai Corporation (the parent company of "Shoon") have been making blades of the highest quality in homage of the legendary sword smiths of Seki, Japan for over 100 years. Each and every knife is handmade, from beginning to end, requiring at least 100 meticulous steps along the way. It is out of this respect and admiration towards their ancestors, coupled with advanced technology and materials, that Shun produces basically pieces of art that also happen to be razor-sharp knives.

Name: Shun Classic Bread Knife - 9″
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Manufacturer: Shun