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Teakhaus Bar Board with Juice Groove, 8″ x 8″

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  • Perfect for smaller kitchen jobs, including most prep work
  • Great for slicing apples or cutting up lemon wedges
  • Features a corner hole for easy handling and storage
  • All Proteak cutting boards come from an environmentally-managed plantation
  • Measures 8 x 8 x .75 inches
  • Teakwood Sustainably grown and harvested in Mexico
  • Proteak item number 513

Teakhaus Bar Board with Juice Groove, 8" x 8" x 0.75"

A brand new addition to the Marine Collection, this lightweight and versatile bar board is the ideal choice for quick and easy kitchen prep. Slice up an apple, or cut up some lemon wedges without getting your larger cutting boards dirty. Use as a small serving or cheese board, the options really are endless. The corner hole promotes easy handling and gives the option of hanging storage. Teakhaus' wood carving boards are made with organically grown teak grown sustainable plantations.

The Marine Collection

  • Edge Grain construction which fuses strips of wood together, showcasing wood grain running parallel to surface
  • Slimmer cutting boards for those with smaller workspaces, or ones seeking less weight
  • Durable and stylish, yet affordable for all
  • Designed to give users years of service, with minimal care

About Teak Wood...Beautiful. Durable. Sustainable. Unique.

The finest of the tropical hardwoods, the teak tree has long been a favorite among shipbuilders, outdoor furniture makers, woodworking experts, and TV chefs for its unique properties. It's durable, gorgeous, low maintenance, and it holds up against the elements. The key is that teak wood possesses a high content of natural oils that make it resistant to cracking, warping, rotting, insects, and fungi. Most importantly, teak contains components of natural oily resins called tectoquinones which actually repel moisture. That has allowed outdoor teak furniture to last over a century! Therefore, minimal care is required, but we recommend consistent and thorough care. Also, teak wood is softer than bamboo, making it easier and more forgiving on the knife. Every single Teakhaus cutting board is handmade, making every single one unique!

About Proteak...Renewable Forestry. Functional Artistry.

Founded in 2001, Proteak cultivates teak trees on their renewable plantations near the beautiful Puerto Vallarta on Mexico's Pacific coast, producing teak wood products like cutting boards, butcher blocks, and butcher carts, along with decking, countertops, lumber, and more. One of the few alternatives to Burmese teak, Proteak pride themselves on offering an eco- friendly, top quality, and conflict-free source of teak wood products, earning themselves a Forest Management certificate from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Zero fertilizers or irrigation are used, allowing the trees to grow slowly and naturally while reducing their ecological footprint. Since renewable wood products store carbon, their plantations actually capture the CO2 emitted by 20,000 cars every day, permanently removing it from the atmosphere. In addition to cultivating teak trees on their reclaimed ranch lands, Proteak also preserves 6,000 acres of virgin tropical rainforests adjacent to them.

Name: Teakhaus Bar Board with Juice Groove, 8″ x 8″
UPC: 810996011047
Manufacturer: TeakHaus

Use and Care

Before use: The board should be seasoned with a food grade mineral oil before the first use. 

Care: Always hand was with warm soapy water after use. Never submerge a cutting board in water as it will cause it to warp. Dry thoroughly after cleaning. Occasionally rub the board with mineral oil to prevent it from drying out. Always store in dry places and away from extreme temperatures.



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