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Philips Avance Collection Multi-Cooker

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  • Prepare a wide variety of meals at the touch of a button
  • Smart heating technology for evenly cooked results
  • 24-hour preset timer ensures dishes are ready in time
  • 10 Automatic pre-set programs
  • Inner pot features a nonstick, scratch resistant, extra durable and dishwasher safe coating
  • Includes Recipe Booklet with 35+ recipes
  • Philips Viva AirFryer Oven item number HD309587

Healthy Meals at the Touch of a Button

With 10 automatic preset programs, the Philips Avance Collection Multicooker is able to make a vast assortment of meals at the touch of a button. Create anything from pies and cakes, savory chicken wings, creamy yogurt, fried vegetables, and more! The thick ceramic pot is a great conductor of heat, ensuring your dish is cooked evenly and simultaneously every time. Soups, sauces, and stews don't need to be constantly stirred while cooking. The heating element design creates micro movements in the liquid inside the pot. The Philips Multipot comes with a multiuse steam basket, spoon, rice scoop, measuring cup, and more than 35 recipes.

Cooks with One Touch

The Philips Multicooker makes it easy to cook healthy homemade meals every day thanks to its 10 automatic preset settings. Use one of these programs to steam, fry, simmer, saute, bake, boil and more. The Multicooker uses a nonstick ceramic pot, smart heating technology, and temperature control for optimal and evenly cooked results every time.

Convenient and Efficient Operation

The Philips Multicooker has a detachable lid that can be completely removed for searing and sauteing. A childproof lock keeps the lid securely closed. For convenience, the Multicooker lets you delay the cooking start time by up to 24 hours, and it has a Keep Warm function that lets you keep food ready for up to 12 hours. In case of a power outage, the Multicooker has a backup power source that maintains your settings and ensures cooking will continue. The Multicooker's swing handle lets you bring the pot directly from kitchen to table, and the Reheat function lets you easily warm up leftovers.

Durable and Easy to Clean

The hard ceramic coating of the 16-cup inner pot is non-stick and scratch-resistant for long-term durability. The pot's coating lets you use less oil and other fats and helps meats, fish, and vegetables stay tender. For easy cleanup, wipe the pot out with a damp towel or sponge or wash it in the dishwasher. The lid can be completely detached for easy cleaning.

Try Exclusive Recipes from Food Experts

The included recipe book has more than 35 recipes that describe how to prepare a variety of easy, wholesome foods, including savory dishes, like Sticky Rice and Beef Stroganoff, and sweet treats, like Strawberry Jam and Chocolate Walnut Cake. There's even a recipe for Greek Yogurt. Most recipes require only minimal prep.

About Philips

Philips has been a world leader in household goods for many years, developing many of the timeless products in use in nearly every home in the United States. Always focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovations in technology, you’re sure to find something from Philips that will make everyday life just a little easier. Discover Philips Kitchen Appliances for your meal preparation and cooking needs from chopping and juicing to grilling and baking. Make healthier, delicious meals at home every day.

Name: Philips Avance Collection Multi-Cooker
UPC: 075020045263
Manufacturer: Philips

Use and Care

Philips Multicooker User Manual


Philips Multicookers are warranted to be free from faulty materials and workmanship for a period of 1-year after purchase. The Philips warranty applies provided the product has been handled properly for its intended use and in accordance to the use and care instructions. Use of unauthorized parts is strictly prohibited and will void this warranty. The warranty does not cover improper use and care, commercial use, power outages due to improper voltage supply to the appliance,  or consequential damages. The warranty begins on the date of the purchase and expires at the end of the 1-year period. Proof of purchase is required.