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notNeutral 12oz Porcelain Latte Cups with Saucers


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  • METICULOUSLY DESIGNED & TESTED: the LINO collection achieves a seamless marriage of form and function. The base is thick to retain heat, while the rim has an elegant mouth feel. Designed in Los Angeles.
  • LARGE ENOUGH CAPACITY FOR COFFEE LOVER -Each cappuccino cup holds 12oz (without filling it to the very top). These cups are in the right size and thickness to keep the coffee warm.
  • PRO-GRADE PORCELAIN & SAFE FOR DISHWASHER, MICROWAVE, OVEN AND FREEZER - These notNeutral espresso cups are PROUDLY FDA approved and made of durable porcelain, a type of premium LEAD-FREE and NON-TOXIC ceramic, chip-resistant and more sturdy than stoneware. Creation of notNeutral ensures you get what you pay for.
  • ICONIC LINO HANDLE: a fluid extension of the cup itself, providing a resting place for the thumb to balance the cup effortlessly in the hand.
  • RESTAURANT AND COMMERCIAL: whether for coffee aficionados or baristas, the interior curvature of each cup is optimized for latte art and thermal insulation, and the handle, flush with the rim of the cup, ensures comfort and control for barista and drinker alike.

notNeutral Lino Latte Cup & Saucer

Add some elegance to your breakfast with the notNeutral Lino Latte Cup and Saucer. The Lino brand was made specifically for the professional barista in mind, with its meticulous design and iconic shape, these cups and saucers have become a global sensation among coffee lovers. Perfect for latte art and keeping drinks warm, coffee aficionados are sure to love these cups. Made with fine porcelain, not only do these products look good, they're also dishwasher and microwave safe. Add these cups to your collection today.

Award-Winning Designers

Founded in 2001, notNeutral was born out of the idea that architecture is more than just a building; it is everything in the designed environment. As the design-child of Rios Clementi Hale Studios, notNeutral was a way for our award-winning transdisciplinary design firm to expand its horizons. notNeutral believes that there are many stories to be told in their designs and tell them by creating objects that become a part of your daily rituals. From your morning coffee to your evening tea, notNeutral is there. They believe that in every individual design there’s a unique experience waiting for you.

About notNeutral

notNeutral is a Los Angeles-based collaborative studio composed of architects, landscape architects, and interior, graphic, and product designers. Together, they are an ensemble of creative minds and thought leaders brought together with the common passion to bring you the very best in tabletop products. From architecture to economics to music, their diverse backgrounds contribute to our holistic design process and unique approach to developing iconic products.


Name: notNeutral 12oz Porcelain Latte Cups with Saucers
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Manufacturer: notNeutral