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Le Creuset Signature Tempered Glass Lid


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  • Lid Diameter: 12"
  • Heat tempered glass for durability
  • Dishwasher safe 

Le Creuset Signature Tempered Glass Lid

The Tempered Glass Lid is the perfect addition to Le Creuset Toughened Nonstick and Stainless Steel pans. The lid locks in moisture to transform your pan into a simmer machine. This allows chefs to retain heat to help keep food is warm until it's served. This glass lid is heat tempered to prevent it from breaking in temperatures up to 425 degrees F. The stainless steel knob is also highly heat resistant to prevent your hand from burning. Finally, clean up is a breeze as the lid is dishwasher safe! Whether you're wanting to braise, simmer or keep food warm your inside your Le Creuset pan, the signature tempered glass lid is here to help. Currently only available in the 12-inch size at J.L. Hufford.

About Le Creuset

Wildly popular the world around, Le Creuset has been producing some of the finest stoneware and porcelain enameled cast iron cookware available anywhere since 1925, and their latest cookware lines reaffirm Le Creuset's dedication to excellence and quality. Professional chefs worldwide place a high value on not only the elegance in design but the high performance of Le Creuset, especially the thermal properties of the enameled cast-iron cookware line. Now you can make cooking fun again by bringing the excellence of Le Creuset into your home! Modern colors and timeless design principles allow you to fill your kitchen with a contemporary flare and cookware pieces that will be treasured for generations to come! Designed to enhance the culinary skills of even the most novice chef, Le Creuset offers a wide variety of products made to make kitchen work much easier.

Name: Le Creuset Signature Tempered Glass Lid
UPC: 630870215671
Manufacturer: Le Creuset