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KAI Handheld Serrated Knife Sharpener


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Keep Your Kai Cutlery Razor Sharp

Easily maintain your Kai wide and reverse scalloped serrated knives in the comfort of your own home with the KAI Handheld Serrated Knife Sharpener. Just gently pull the knife through the sharpening slot to return it to peak performance. The sharpener has a non-slip base and comfortable grip, making sharpening easy and safe wether you're right or left-handed. Kai item number AP-0163ENG.

About KAI

Originally established over 100 years ago in the ancient sword and knife-making center of the world, Seki City, KAI has become a premier company committed to crafting quality household products for every chef. J.L. Hufford is pleased to carry a collection of KAI knives and accessories to make the stress of food prep effortless. From dicing soft-skinned vegetables to filleting meat, cutting incredibly juicy steaks, and even breaking robust bones, there is a tool from KAI ready to accomplish the task. KAI offers an exciting array of Japanese knives and accessories that are designed for nothing short of high-performance in your home.

Name: KAI Handheld Serrated Knife Sharpener
UPC: 4901601006483
Manufacturer: KAI

2-Year Limited Warranty

The Kai Serrated Pull-Through Sharpener carries a 2-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. Under this warranty, Kai USA Ltd. will repair or replace any product they find to be defective in its original material or construction for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The limited warranty does not cover normal signs of wear, rust, and damage/breakage due to improper use. To receive warranty repair or replacement, the owner must send the product to be evaluated by Kai USA Warranty Services in Tulatin, Oregon. In addition to the provisions of the warranty, you may also have other rights that vary by state.