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Kai Pro 5 pc. BBQ Set: Asian Multi-Prep 5

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  • NSF-Certified for use in commercial kitchens
  • PRO Cleaver:  Big, thick blade of DIN1.4116 German steel for processing larger cuts of bone-in meat or breaking down poultry. Riveted POM handle, full-tang construction for durability and comfortable handling.
  • Blade Shape: BBQ, Cleaver, Boning & Fillet, Slicing, Specialty

Kai Pro 5 pc. BBQ Set: Asian Multi-Prep 5, Boning/Fillet 6.5, Cleaver 7, Slicing/Brisket 12, 8-Slot Knife Roll, 4 Blade Guards w/ Clips

The PRO BBQ Set features four key tools you will need for grilled meats of all types, from prime rib to poultry. The cleaver handles larger cuts of bone-in meat. The PRO Asian Multi-Prep breaks down poultry quickly, then doubles as a general prep knife for grilled vegetables and sauce ingredients. The boning/fillet knife gets in close to the bone to make your task easy. For perfect, mouth-watering slices, the PRO Slicing/Brisket Knife is there for you. The PRO BBQ Set also includes blade guards for each knife and a handsome knife roll that makes it easy to take your tools with you wherever your BBQ adventures take you.

About KAI

Originally established over 100 years ago in the ancient sword and knife-making center of the world, Seki City, KAI has become a premier company committed to crafting quality household products for every chef. J.L. Hufford is pleased to carry a collection of KAI knives and accessories to make the stress of food prep effortless. From dicing soft-skinned vegetables to filleting meat, cutting incredibly juicy steaks, and even breaking robust bones, there is a tool from KAI ready to accomplish the task. KAI offers an exciting array of Japanese knives and accessories that are designed for nothing short of high-performance in your home.

Name: Kai Pro 5 pc. BBQ Set: Asian Multi-Prep 5
UPC: 087171062389
Manufacturer: KAI