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Hammer Stahl 3 Piece Sharpening System


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About Hammer Stahl 3 Piece Sharpening System

3-piece Hammer Stahl knife sharpening system for sharp cutlery at home

This Hammer Stahl 3-Piece Sharpening System is designed to make sharpening your cutlery a breeze. It comes with a 1000/6000 grit whetstone, 9-inch honing steel and an angled bamboo stand. The angled bamboo stand creates the angle that makes sharpening cutlery easy. The honing steel has a 1.5mm thick layer of high-quality metal which is extremely resilient and provides excellent edge retention.

You do not need to use both the whetstone and the honing steel to sharpen your knives. If you are looking for everyday realignment of the knife's edge, use the honing steel. The whetstone needs only be used for periodic resharpening when your knives get blunt due to frequent use.

This 3-piece sharpening system is perfect for sharpening all types of knives, including kitchen knives, cleavers, straight razors and more.

• Premium 3-piece knife sharpening system
• Easy to use
• Lubricate the whetstone with water before use
• Angled honing steel helps to maintain the right angle for sharpening

Name: Hammer Stahl 3 Piece Sharpening System
UPC: 858158006883
Manufacturer: Hammer Stahl