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Lifetime Warranty

Hammer Stahl 12-Piece Cutlery Essentials With Block

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  • 12 slot bamboo block, 8" chef knife, 8" bread knife, 4.5" santoku, and 3.5" paring knife
  • Forged and tempered to precise specifications and a Rockwell hardness of 55 – 57
  • Provides superior edge and lasting durability
  • Includes beautiful gift box
  • Pakkawood Handles
  • Blade forged in Germany
  • Assembled in China
  • Quad tang design provides exceptional balance and superior comfort
  • Hand-wash only
  • Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty

About the Hammer Stahl 12-Piece Essential Cutlery Collection

This 16-Piece Cutlery Essentials Set comes from the famous Hammer Stahl, a product line that's known for quality and longevity of use for over 50 years. It contains an 8" chef's knife, an 8" bread knife, a 4.5" Santoku, a 3.5" paring knife, a 4-piece steak knife set, a 7" fillet knife, a 7" vegetable cleaver, an 8" honing steel and kitchen shears, all neatly set in a 12-slot bamboo block.

Each piece in this set is razor-sharp and extremely hard-wearing. The set is perfect for your kitchen, as an addition to your hard-earned cutlery collection or as a gift to someone you love. 

Each of these blades is German forged steel, and their quad tang handles are made with real Pakkawood. In other words, the knives offer great balance and comfortable grips, in addition to being durable and water-resistant.

Hammer Stahl works on the motto of producing quality products that last a lifetime without requiring replacements. And as is the case with all Hammer Stahl cutlery, the knives carry a lifetime warranty on defects and workmanship. What more could one ask for?

  • Sharp and strong
  • Durable, easy to clean and comfortable to use
  • All essential knives available in one single set
  • Comes with a 12-slot bamboo block for kitchen counter storage
  • Lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects

Hammer Stahl Cutlery

Hammer Stahl knives are made in the tradition of the great German knife makers, but with a patented new design and a manufacturing process that allows them to be affordable. Hammer Stahl knives are coveted by professional chefs for their razor-sharp cutting edge, hand forged quality and quad tang design, which makes them some of the more balanced knives in the world today.

About Hammer Stahl

Hammer Stahl is a premier brand of New Era, Inc, who is one of the oldest manufacturers of cookware in North America. As a family-owned business, Hammer Stahl is focused on building happy and healthy households through good food. They believe cooking at home is a wonderful value that brings families together. Their cookware helps to produce five-star restaurant quality food in your home. Hammer Stahl products include 7-ply American Clad Cookware and German steel cutlery, and a full assortment of stainless steel bakeware and accessories. Their mission is to provide customers with exceptional quality cookware for fantastic meals. Hammer Stahl's long history and experienced employees make their products a trusted brand for fantastic cookware.

Name: Hammer Stahl 12-Piece Cutlery Essentials With Block
UPC: 858158006548
Manufacturer: Hammer Stahl

Use and Care

First Use
Clean the knife with hot, soapy water before the first use.

Sharpening and Honing
Regularly maintenance on Hammer Stahl cutlery allows the knife to make effortless cuts for many years. We recommend honing the knife often to realign the edge and prevent injuries. If sharpening is needed, use a whetstone, knife sharpener, or have it sharpened by a professional.

Knife Sharpening Services
With proper care, Hammer Stahl Cutlery will remain sharp for many years. After extended use, you may need to have them factory sharpened. Hammer Stahl does professional sharpening services free of charge, with the exception of shipping and handling fees. International shipments may require more shipping charges. For one to three knives, it is $6 (US Currency). For four or more knives (with a 10 knife maximum), the cost is $10 (US Currency). Please note that it may take three to four weeks for the servicing and return of your cutlery. Hammer Stahl cannot be liable for merchandise damaged in transit by improper packaging.

Cutting Surfaces
The cutting surface can affect the lifetime of Hammer Stahl knives. Always cut on a bamboo, hardwood, or NSF certified polymer cutting board. Avoid hard surfaces such as metal, granite, marble, and glass. Those surfaces can damage the edge of the blade. Never cut through bones with the knife; always use a meat cleaver instead.

After every use, clean the knife with hot water, a mild detergent, and a soft sponge. Rinse and dry thoroughly to prolong the lifetime of the knife. We recommend hand washing Hammer Stahl cutlery every time. Never use cleansers that have a bleach or citrus extract as this can cause damage to the blade. Never soak the knives in water for any period of time.

Proper storage of Hammer Stahl cutlery helps them to stay in pristine shape and it prevents injury. We recommend storing the knives in a knife block, in a drawer with blade guards, or a sheath. Make sure each knife is completely dry before storage.

Lifetime Warranty

Hammer Stahl warrants their cutlery to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Any piece that is found defective will be replaced free of charge. If the knife is destroyed by misuse, neglect, fire, flood, storm, earthquake, commercial application, accident, or altered in any way, if will be replaced for half the current retail purchase price, plus shipping and handling.