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FINEX 15″ Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan

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  • Pre-seasoned with 100% Organic Flaxseed Oil
  • Heats evenly and holds heat extremely well with the thick bottom
  • Oven safe and grill ready—works well on both gas and charcoal grills
  • Safe to use on gas, electric, induction, and the oven
  • Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, USA
  • FINEX Good Forever Guaranteed

Grill with Style

The FINEX 15" Lean Grill Pan is a beautiful piece of cookware for those who love to grill – on any heat source. The Lean Grill features a domed centered surface which drain juices away from your food and into the pan's margins. The grill pan is ready to cook wherever life takes you, cooktops, in the oven, and even over coals. The lean grill pan features a striking rectangular shape and thin design to streamline transportation and storage. It's is the perfect grill pan for those who love to cook indoors or out. Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, FINEX 15" Lean Grill Pan provides a generous size and is designed to create nothing short of extraordinary meals. Clean and maintain your cast iron with the FINEX Cast Iron Cleaning Care Kit. Product number: G15-10001

FINEX - American Tradition

American Tradition

FINEX's obsession with intentional design, quality and craftsmanship of antique cast iron led them to one conclusion: FINEX must be built on American soil. Crafted by hand the hard way, each pan is refined with angle grinders, buffing wheels, and industrial tumblers. Each piece is unique, as FINEX allows subtle variations to ensure your cookware has its own personality that'll fit right in on a stove, campfire, or table.

FINEX Cast Iron

FINEX Cast Iron

Finex cookware is meticulously designed to take advantage of decades of traditional cast iron production and blend those lessons with the full advantages of modern manufacturing. Machine-smoothed cooking surfaces, pre-seasoned by hand with 100% organic flaxseed oil, and stone-tumble polished; FINEX cookware is designed for life. The Speed Cool Handle is inspired by antique wood stoves, comfortable to hold and effectively tempering heat. The patented octagonal shape is more than style, it aids easy release and each spout is another drip-free pouring angle. The matching lids fit securely, and can be rotated a few degrees to allow the cookware to vent.



FINEX is a small team of Portland-based craftspeople, cooks and designers dedicated to crafting cookware that will stand the test of time. Their work is inspired by the hardworking history of American cast iron and grounded in their belief that cooking should be genuine—an experience you value and share with others. Their simple ideals shine through in their cast iron products, elegant and strong cookware that stands up to open flame and elevates meals at the dining room table.

Name: FINEX 15″ Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan
UPC: 853597007019
Manufacturer: FINEX

Pre-Seasoned For Cooking.

Right before the final quality check, FINEX coats their cookware cooking surfaces with 100% organic flaxseed oil for a durable, stick-resistant finish that’s ready to cook with out of the box. Before you use your new FINEX piece for the first time, give it a quick rinse with warm water and dry it completely to remove any sediment that may have settled in the cookware. For your first few uses, add a little oil as you start cooking to help preserve the new coating. Over time, your FINEX cookware will continue to develop a natural seasoning, which will enhance the stick-resistant surface.

Cooking with Cast Iron.

For an even heating surface, preheat your cast iron pan before cooking. We recommend a medium-low heat for a few minutes. Cast iron can take longer to warm up, but it holds on to heat longer, too. FINEX’s thick-wall design provides even heat distribution and retention for searing performance unlike anything else on the market. Perfectly crispy skin and golden brown edges are just minutes away.

Cleaning Cast Iron.

Step 1. For easy cleaning, simply scrape off food and rinse using hot water. For tougher cleaning jobs, use a stainless steel scrubber to remove tough, stuck-on food bits. Use a dab of soap if necessary. Never put your cast iron in the dishwasher or let it soak for long periods of time.

Step 2. Once you’ve washed and rinsed your cast iron thoroughly, be sure to dry it immediately. Do not air dry. Use a towel to wipe it down or place your cast iron on the stove and heat over a medium-low heat to ensure it’s completely dry. Remember, iron loves to rust if left wet. We like to say, “We’ve never seen a dry cast iron skillet rust.”

Step 3. Warm your cast iron on the stove using medium-low heat. Then, apply a very thin layer of oil (any vegetable oil you like) and work thoroughly into the pan. Be sure to wipe off any excess. Let it cool and store for your next use. Applying a little oil to your cast iron protects the natural seasoning you’ve worked hard to develop and it also provides protection against moisture and corrosion when storing.

Re-Seasoning Cast Iron.

Cast iron is very durable and forgiving. Scorched, scratched or rusted pans can be returned to perfect working condition with a little elbow grease and some quality oil. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. If your pan has rust, gently remove it using steel wool. Wash and dry your cast iron cookware thoroughly. Once completely dry, apply a very thin layer of flaxseed oil to the entire surface of your cast iron pan (including the outside surface). Wipe off any excess oil, then place the pan in your preheated oven. Bake the pan for one hour at 400 degrees. You can repeat this process to build up your seasoning and maintain the pan for generations.