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Delilah Home Essential 100% Organic Cotton Face Masks


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  • Made from 100% organic cotton
  • Global Organic Textile Standard certification means the product uses no chemical dyes or bleaches during cotton production.
  • Ethically and responsibly made in a family run factory in Portugal, using state of art machinery and with higher than Fair Trade wages.

Delilah Home 100% Organic Cotton (GOTS) Essential Masks

Organic cotton face masks for breathable, all-day comfort

Masks are a necessity today. Some of us need to wear them all day, at work and outdoors. And that’s where organic, cotton or hemp face masks, like the Delilah Home organic cotton face masks, are so utilitarian. They are organic and made of cotton, making them breathable in the true sense. These masks come in packs of 4 and have ear loops for hooking them around the ear. They are shaped somewhat like the N95, ensuring that there is more breathing room even inside the mask.

Since they are made with quality organic fabrics, they do not scratch or become uncomfortable after short wear. They can easily be machine washed and are 100 per cent reusable and environmentally friendly. These masks can easily become a part of your daily life. They are sustainable and they are good for your skin. They are comfortable to wear, even all day.

  • Pack of 4 unisex masks in aqua color
  • Made of 100 percent organic cotton or hemp
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Easy to wash, can be machine-washed

About Delilah

Delilah Home is an organic home textile company that has a great selection of luxurious linens that the whole family will enjoy. One of the many advantages of their organic bed sheets and bath towels is that they do not contain allergenic, carcinogenic, or toxic chemicals, making them safe and soft for those who have allergies, skin sensitivity, and respiratory problems. All of Delilah Home's pure hemp bed sheets, cotton bed sheets, and bath towels are 100% organic and 100% comfortable. Delilah Home is an organic home textile company that is 100% vegan certified, so you can feel good about your slumber.

Name: Delilah Home Essential 100% Organic Cotton Face Masks
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Manufacturer: Delilah Home