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Chef's Choice EdgeCrafter 420 Diamond Sharpener File Set

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  • Versatile sharpener that double as a powerful, multipurpose file
  • 3 interchangeable diamond abrasive pads - extra fine, medium, and coarse
  • Magnetek magnetic holder allows you to quickly swap out plates
  • Ultra flat abrasive surface
  • Made in the United States
  • Item Number 4200100

Chef's Choice EdgeCrafter 420 Diamond Sharpener File Set

Sharpen and File Everything with Diamonds!

This powerful multipurpose hand sharpener/filer from Chef's Choice is one of the most versatile tools you'll ever own. Sharpen everything from carbides, tool steel, ceramics, knives, garden and shop tools, glass and more! The interchangeable 100% diamond abrasive filing surface will sharpen your knives, tools, and more without wearing down or developing grooves, and can sharpen any alloy, regardless of hardness. For more control over your sharpening/filing, this kit includes 3 different diamond abrasive pads, ranging from extra fine to medium to coarse. The pads are easy and quick to swap out thanks to the Magnetek magnetic holder. Unlike traditional steel files, the Model 420 is multi-directional for filing or sharpening more complex surface profiles. This sharpener isn't just for knives; use it to remove chips in delicate crystal and porcelain, file jewelry, sharpen saw-blades and drill bits, and more! Made in the United States. Item number 4200100.

Why you should use a Chef's Choice Sharpener

Diamonds happen to be the hardest known material on the planet. The majority of Chef's Choice sharpeners use 100% diamond abrasives which speed up the sharpening process and make it more efficient. They will sharpen more aggressively and quickly without overheating and damaging the sharp edge. No lubricants or oils are required to maintain the diamond coated conical disks. Pretty impressive for a machine that sharpens at the challenging speed of 3,600 RPM. EdgeCraft, the company behind Chef's Choice, have done nothing short of mastering the manual and electric knife sharpener. The goal of the company when they were founded in 1986, the very reason for their existence, was to create THE best knife sharpener in the entire world. They accomplished that feat and continue to top themselves through the Chef's Choice brand.

Name: Chef's Choice EdgeCrafter 420 Diamond Sharpener File Set
UPC: 87877420001
Manufacturer: Chefs Choice