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Residential Use
Lifetime Warranty
Made in Solingen, Germany

Carl Mertens Metz Finn 5″ Bar Knife

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  • Blade length: 5"
  • Perfect for cutting citrus and slicing meats and cheeses
  • Partially serrated blade for added versatility
  • Rustproof X50CrMoV15 stainless steel
  • Ergonomic European walnut handle
  • Handmade in Solingen, Germany
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Carl Mertens Metz Finn Bar Knife

For the At-Home Bartender

If you're looking to step up your cocktail game, consider adding a bar knife to your arsenal. The 5" Bar knife from Carl Mertens Metz Finn series is the perfect tool for the home or professional bartender. The curved belly of the blade is partially serrated, allowing you to easily cut through tough citrus peels, while the flat edge of the heel glides through the inner flesh for clean cuts. Besides being a great citrus knife, this bar knife can also be used to slice cheese and even meats like salami and prosciutto! Handmade in Germany. Limited lifetime warranty.

About Carl Mertens Metz Finn Knives

Metz Finn Line

The Metz Finn series is an updated version of the wonderful Metz line from Carl Mertens. Of course, all the popular features of the Metz series of included such as the rustproof X50CrMoV15 stainless steel blade and ergonomic European walnut handles. The difference is a thinner cut blade and a lighter weight. The lightweight of the Metz Finn line prevents fatigue so chefs can maintain optimum performance. Handmade in Solingen, Germany, the Carl Mertens Metz Finn series offers quality cutlery for you as a fantastic price.

Making Carl Mertens Cutlery

Handmade in Solingen, Germany

Solingen, Germany is known for their high quality cutlery. In fact, Solingen is known as the steel capital of the world and the "city of blades", and is where all Carl Mertens knives are made. In order to mark a product with the name Solingen, all key manufacturing stages must have been processed and finished within Solingen. The product must also meet strict quality standards in order to be entitled to use the "Made in Solingen" mark. This means that a knife that was completely crafted and assembled in Solingen can not say "Made in Solingen" unless it meets these required quality standards.

About Carl Mertens

About Carl Mertens

Carl Mertens first began in 1919 as a small job-order grinding shop for pocket knife blades in Solingen, Germany. For almost 100 years, they have become a premier brand showcasing excellent quality in German knives, flatware, and exquisite kitchen tools. Carl Mertens handmade knives are known for creating beautiful, contemporary products made using the same traditional craftsmanship from when they began. Exquisite designs have led Carl Mertens to receive numerous design awards from IF Design, Red Dot, Design Plus, and more. Merging aesthetics with functionality, Carl Mertens creates extraordinary pieces for your kitchen that are too beautiful to be put away for long.

Name: Carl Mertens Metz Finn 5″ Bar Knife
UPC: 4005457691746
Manufacturer: Carl Mertens

Use and Care

Cleaning: Carl Mertens Knives are not dishwasher safe and must be hand washed and dried thoroughly after every use.

Handle Care: Carl Mertens Knives are made using oiled European walnut wood. Regular oiling keeps the handle in optimal condition throughout its lifetime.

Honing and Sharpening: Regular honing is necessary to maintain a sharp cutting edge on Carl Mertens Knives. Weekly honing realigns the blade and maintains a sharp edge for longer. For sharpening, we recommend using a whetstone or sharpening steel when sharpening becomes necessary.

Cutting Surfaces: Only use cutting boards made of hinoki, wooden, bamboo, or quality polyethylene to keep Carl Mertens blades in prime condition. Avoid using cutting boards such as china, marble, granite, porcelain, stainless countertops, and glass. These surfaces could cause harm the blade.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Carl Mertens Knives are made using the highest standards. Each knife is handmade in Solingen, Germany and is warranted to be free from defects in material and craftsmanship for the lifetime of the purchase. The warranty does not cover normal wear or misuse such as damage or breakage due to improper maintenance to the blade and the wooden handle, accidents, loss, or theft. Any product will be determined defective solely at J.L. Hufford’s discretion. To receive a warranty replacement, the owner must send the product to be evaluated to J.L. Hufford headquarters in Lafayette, Indiana. This limited lifetime warranty is non-transferrable to anyone outside of the original purchaser.