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Carl Mertens Maroc Trivet

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  • Expandable trivet
  • Stainless steel satin finish
  • Width:, 6.5 - 9.6"
  • Ergonomic design for your convenience
  • Handmade in Germany

Table Saver

The Carl Mertens Maroc Trivet is a kitchen necessity. Used for holding pots, pans, plates, fruit, or what have you, this trivet is star-like shaped and would look good in any kitchen. A turning mechanism regulates the size of the trivets; for smaller pots, the basic closed position is optimal. When the trivet is pulled out, it is the ideal place for larger cookware, bowls and serving platters. When you don't need the trivet, use it as decor! Handmade in Germany, the world-class craftsmanship is apparent in this trivet's design.

Name: Carl Mertens Maroc Trivet
UPC: 4005457052059
Manufacturer: Carl Mertens