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Bob Kramer by ZWILLING J.A Henckels Carbon Steel Use & Care Kit

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  • Includes Camellia Oil (50 ml), rust eraser block, and cloth.

Keep your knives like-new for years to come

The first time you use your knife, you'll be able to slice through meats and veggies with a surprisingly small amount of effort, but now even the highest-quality knives are safe from eventual weathering and dulling. While carbon steel blades deliver a sharpness and keenness of edge unlike any other, they do require a bit of care.

The Bob Kramer by ZWILLING J.A Henckels Carbon Steel Use and Care Kit will help keep your carbon steel blades in the same condition as the day you got them. The kit contains a patina eraser, camellia oil, and a cotton cloth. The patina eraser has rubberized abrasive bench stones to effectively remove rust from the surface of your blade without damaging it. The camellia oil can be used on both the blade and the handle. When applied to a wood handle, it helps protect it from moisture damage, dirt and UV light. The oil is derived from seeds of the camellia tree and will not discolor or harden the wood. When applied to metal, the acid-free oil is ideal for protecting blades from rust. It is especially suitable for preserving high-carbon steel because it is 100% organic and food safe. Use the included cotton cloth to apply the oil. Store in a cool, dark place and be sure the camellia oil bottle is completely closed. Once opened, the oil is good for 2-5 years. The perfect kit for keeping your Bob Kramer Cutlery in pristine condition. Product code: 35000-001.

Name: Bob Kramer by ZWILLING J.A Henckels Carbon Steel Use & Care Kit
UPC: 035886296131
Manufacturer: Bob Kramer