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Apogee Magnetic Bamboo Sheath

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  • Made of renewable and environmentally friendly bamboo
  • Bamboo naturally resists moisture
  • The vent hole at the end of the sheath promotes airflow for drying if the knife is wet
  • Strong magnets are located along the edge of the sheath
  • Comes in five different shapes
  • Made in China


Apogee Magnetic Bamboo Sheath

Add style and safety to your kitchen by using one of Apogee's Magnetic Bamboo Sheaths. Keeping sharp edges hidden and protecting the blade, these sheaths have a universal design that fits most shapes and sizes. The bamboo housing features interior magnets located along the edge of the sheath which prevents scratching of your knife blade when a knife is inserted or removed. It's important to align the spine of the knife with the magnets to achieve maximum hold. Not only do they offer safety, but the bamboo design adds a modern and sophisticated look to your kitchen. Apogee means the highest point in the development of something, and you'll see the high quality in these Apogee Magnetic Bamboo Sheaths.

About Apogee

Apogee Culinary, LLC was founded by Dennis Epstein in June 2016. With almost 30 years in the housewares business, and with 17 of those years specifically focused on designing knives with premium cutlery manufacturers, Dennis has had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best in the world. He worked for Wolfgang Wusthof, who taught him everything he knows about German knives, as well as Ken Onion and Bob Kramer.The philosophy at Apogee is simple: design a tool that works better in your kitchen.

Name: Apogee Magnetic Bamboo Sheath
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Manufacturer: Apogee