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Dualit Toasters

Dualit stainless steel toasters are recognized as the some of the best in the world. The brand was founded by German-born Max Gort-Barten. The company arose from humble beginnings after Gort-Barten served in World War II. He bought a small factory and began using it to produce electric kitchen appliances using his knowledge of design and engineering. The first product he created that really caught on was a 6 slice toaster with a timer, which was unlike any toaster being produced at the time. The popularity of this item allowed the company to grow and produce new and improved products. Today, the company is run by Max's son, Leslie. Dualit still prides itself in producing reliable and well-designed products. The newer products feature the latest technology, but their looks are very similar to the designs first used by the company in the 1950s. Browse our Dualit toasters for sale below.