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Wusthof Honing Steel with Loop - 9″

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  • Easy-to-grip handle
  • Fine coated with industrial diamonds
  • Produces a fantastic edge
  • Made in Solingen, Germany.

Wusthof 9" Honing Steel with Loop

Regular honing and sharpening helps your knives to work properly for many years in your kitchen. The 9" honing steel from Wusthof is the perfect tool for maintaining sharp edges on your knives. The Diamond Steel features fine abrasives that will sharpen and realign the blade after a few strokes. The steel also has a rounded handle that will provide an ergonomic grip. The additional metal loop not only make storage easy, but it also makes a look when decorating. Overall, your high-quality knives deserve the best care. The 9" honing steel from Wusthof will create the sharpest edges and keep them from deteriorating over time. This honing steel is also available without a loop, as a 10" steel, and as a 12" steel.

Name: Wusthof Honing Steel with Loop - 9″
UPC: 4002293446325
Manufacturer: Wusthof