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Wusthof Aeon Limited Edition 8″ Chef's Knife


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  • Diamond-Like Carbon coated blade
  • Handles made from aged oak
  • Balanced weight for ease of use
  • Made in Solingen, Germany

Limited Edition Chef's Knife

The Limited Edition Aeon knife series from Wusthof is one of the best to be found. The Aeon 8" Chef's Knife offers form and function for everyday use. Perfectly balanced with a hearty bolster, the iconic belly of the blade allows for smooth rocking while chopping, mincing, and dicing. The blade is coated with DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon), which results in incredible durability and a stunning look. Chefs and knife-lovers all over the world need to add this incredible knife to their collection. Wusthof item number 1011000120.

The Aeon Series

Wusthof Aeon brings form and function together in perfect harmony. The blades are coated with DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) resulting in durability that is as unparalleled as it is beautiful. The exquisite handles are crafted from millennia-old bog oak – each with its own certificate of authenticity. A true culinary masterpiece. Wusthof Aeon will be your signature, enabling you to capitalize on your preparation and presentation.

About Wusthof

Wusthof has set the standard for designing and manufacturing precision-forged knives since 1814. Today they are crafted by a skilled team of 300 dedicated workers in two state-of-the-art facilities in Solingen, Germany, the heart of the cutlery world. Over 40 different manufacturing steps are needed to produce a forged Wusthof knife from one solid piece of steel with rigorous quality standards at every step. In addition, Wusthof forged knives now offer the new PEtec Edge which is 30 percent sharper and offers 40 percent longer life. All Wusthof cutlery is backed by the Wusthof Lifetime Guarantee!

Name: Wusthof Aeon Limited Edition 8″ Chef's Knife
UPC: 4002293103327
Manufacturer: Wusthof