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Woll Diamond Lite Sauté Pan with Lid

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  • 5 layer diamond hard-base coating
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cut and abrasion resistant
  • PFOA free
  • Made in Germany

Sauté Pan

The Woll Diamond Lite Sauté Pan is just one product in the revolutionary Woll Diamond Lite series of cookware. This pan comes with a 5-layer diamond hard-base coating to offer incredible strength and durability but still maintain an easy lightweight for easy handling. 

Woll Diamond Lite

The Woll Diamond Lite series brings forth revolutionary casting technology. With 5 layers of diamond hard-base coating, this ergonomically designed line of cookware is both durable and lightweight. This line of cookware will be perfect for any chef, whether at home or in the workplace. Make your kitchen cutting-edge with this revolutionary series.

About Woll

40 years ago a master chef had a dream, a dream to perfect the frying pan. Norbert Woll started his journey by selling cookware in 1974 and founded Norbert Woll GmbH in 1979 to start realizing his dream. WOLL presented its first cookware, manufactured using its original aluminum permanent mold casting technique in 1983. It is this technique that, over 35 years later, still makes the WOLL ìMade in Germanyî frying pans, pots, and casseroles unique in terms of quality and cooking results. To this day WOLL continues with the same passion and vision, working tirelessly to push the standards of cooking perfection to bring you the most extraordinary cookware.

Name: Woll Diamond Lite Sauté Pan with Lid
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Manufacturer: Woll