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Vitamix FoodCycler Replacement Filters (2-Pack)


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Vitamix FoodCycler Replacement Filter 2-Pack

Replacement filters for FoodCyclers

Foodcycler filters need to be replaced every 3 or so months. The filter light will indicate to you when it is time to replace yours. This replacement pack for Foodcycler filters contains two filters of 8 inches each. If you run your FoodCycler indoors, especially during hot months, the only way to prevent bad odors is to use a genuine Vitamix filter that’s compatible with your FoodCycler model. The two filters in this pack are compatible with the FC-50 and FC-30 models.

These black filters contain activated charcoal. You can replace your filters right at home since the removal and replacement process is simple and mess-free. These filters come in a protective cover that needs to be removed first before the replacement is made. In line with the FoodCycler’s philosophy of staying clean and green, these intuitive activated carbon filters also use natural and safe carbon for odor suppression. The filters are essentially plastic containers but they are recyclable. The carbon contents however need to be physically removed before disposal and these can be pried out and added to soil as fertilizers.

  • Pack of 2 replacement filters for FoodCycler
  • 8-inch filters compatible with F-30 and F-50 models
  • Contain activated carbon
  • Suppresses bad odors when the Foodcycler is in use
Name: Vitamix FoodCycler Replacement Filters (2-Pack)
UPC: 703113681516
Manufacturer: Vitamix Household