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Vitamix FoodCycler Replacement Bucket & Lid, one size, Black


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A Must-Have FoodCycler® Accessory

The FoodCycler® is the world’s first automatic food waste composting machine, designed to eliminate odors, simplify recycling, and preserve the environment. The FoodCycler is an innovative product that allows for the collection and processing of kitchen waste in an enclosed bucket with an easy to use, convenient lid. It is perfect for those who wish to recycle their food waste without creating unsightly visuals in their kitchen and without the unpleasant odors that often go with it.
But the original Vitamix® FoodCycler® FC-50 comes with just one removable wastebasket. Since a FoodCycler takes time to break down food with a three-phase cycle, without a replacement bucket one can easily go anywhere between 5 to 48 hours without a convenient way to collect food waste. This one-size replacement bucket offers a solution to exactly that. This black replacement bucket with a lid is perfect for those times when one still wishes to collect food scraps while the usual bucket is still processing the last batch in the FoodCycler®.


  • Replacement bucket that will work with an FC-50
  • Bucket includes storage lid and deodorizing carbon filter
  • Collect food scraps even while the Foodcycler® is processing a batch
  • Easy to place on the kitchen countertop and it does not look unsightly
  • Keeps the kitchen odor free
Name: Vitamix FoodCycler Replacement Bucket & Lid, one size, Black
UPC: 703113681967
Manufacturer: Vitamix Household