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Mana Gea Assorted 6-Pack


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Mana Gea Assorted 6-Pack

The Mana Gea Assorted 6-Pack gives you the opportunity to choose from four different, quality olive oils. You can choose from the Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 300 Year Old Trees, Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Unfiltered, Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Early Harvest, or Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Each of these olive oils offers a distinct taste that will heighten any meal. 

About Mana Gea

Mana Gea in ancient Greek means “Mother Earth." Every story has a beginning, and Mana Gea's story started hundreds of years ago, Mana Gea is continuing the legacy of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Land of Monemvasia, Laconia, Greece, a region full of history and one of the richest tradition and olive oil culture in the world. To continue and preserve Greek family tradition and heritage of olive oil production that dates back to the Byzantine times, Mana Gea farms are continuing in the sustainable care and respect of the land, by using the strictest rules of organic farming.

Name: Mana Gea Assorted 6-Pack
Manufacturer: Mana Gea