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de Buyer French Collection B Element Iron Frying Pan, 11″

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  • Ergonomic handle inspired by the Eiffel Tower
  • 11 inches, 28 cm--Perfect size for bacon, meat, potatoes, skillet meals
  • All natural iron construction with beeswax coating to enhance seasoning
  • Nonstick properties improve with use
  • Good for sealing, browning, and grilling
  • All heat sources can be used with this pan—electric, gas, oven, even induction
  • Made in France; de Buyer item code 5670.28

de Buyer French Collection B Element Iron Frying Pan, 11"

This 11 inch, or 28 cm, pan is the perfect size for all frying tasks, such as searing meat, cooking bacon, sauteing vegetables or browning potatoes. Taking its inspiration from the most famous of Parisian monuments, the Eiffel Tower, the de Buyer French Collection 11" frying pan boasts a handle that is as easy to hold as it is beautiful. DeBuyer French Collection B Element cookware is an organic, environmentally responsible choice and a favorite for searing and caramelizing foods. These pans are made from 99% iron and feature no chemicals or coatings added, simply an organic beeswax finish that aids in seasoning the pan for a naturally stick-resistant surface. This organic beeswax finish - denoted by a "B" in the pan's center, protects pan against oxidation, helps in the seasoning process and greatly improves nonstick qualities of the pan.

About DeBuyer

The de Buyer company was founded in 1830 and has been creating and manufacturing the best kitchen and pastry utensils for the professional and does all to help you preserve the greatness, the traditions, the charm and above all the delicious flavors of French gastronomy. de Buyer offers over 3000 items : cookwares made of steel, stainless steel, copper and non stick aluminum, professional "Mandoline" slicers, silicone moulds, pastry utensils, etc. de Buyer continues today to draw upon their knowledge in an effort to provide superior quality and innovation in equipment for the professional and for the gourmet consumer.

Name: de Buyer French Collection B Element Iron Frying Pan, 11″
UPC: 3011245670283
Manufacturer: De Buyer