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Chef's Choice Diamond Hone 3-Stage Deluxe Hybrid Sharpener M270

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  • 3-stage hybrid sharpener
  • 100% diamond abrasives
  • Patented angle precision guides
  • Use on 20°; class knives
  • Engineered and Assembled in the USA
  • Chef's Choice item number 0270100

Chef's Choice Diamond Hone 3-Stage Deluxe Hybrid Sharpener M270

Advanced Hybrid Sharpening Technology

The Chef's Choice M270 Sharpener employs the Hybrid technology, which couples electric sharpening with manual sharpening to create a durable triple-beveled Trizor edge. The 270 uses 3 stages to make this sharpener unique and efficient, giving the edge of the blade a nice facelift. Using only the best abrasives, Chef's Choice uses 100% diamonds in all three stages to create a stronger, arch-shaped edge.

  • Stage 1 - Electric Sharpening: Removes dull edge, restores the edge to 20å¡, and makes the first bevel.
  • Stage 2 - Electric Honing: Uses even finer diamonds to further sharpen and hone, creating the 2nd bevel arch profile.
  • Stage 3 - Manual Polishing: Hones and lightly polishes the edge, giving it the third bevel for a true Trizor edge.

Innovative Criss-Cross Technology

The Hybrid M270 utilizes Chef's Choice trademarked Criss-Cross sharpening technology to create a burr-free edge with an abundance of "bite." The razor-sharp edge which is littered with tiny microscopic teeth give the knife the bite that allows it to consistently and effectively cut through tough and fibrous foods.

M270 Additional Features

  • The patented angle precision guides use springs to hold the knife at just the right angle for sharpening. Don't bother with your protractor or sextant, because there's no guesswork involved!
  • Quickly resharpen in Stage 3 without power
  • Tailor the edge geometry for specific tasks by altering Stage 3 process

Knife Compatibility

  • 20° traditional Euro/American knives
  • Straight Edge and Serrated Knives (20° class)
  • Household Knives
  • Kitchen Knives
  • Pocket/Sporting Knives

Why you should use a Chef's Choice Sharpener

Diamonds happen to be the hardest material on the planet. The majority of Chef's Choice sharpeners use 100% diamond abrasives which speed up the sharpening process and make it more efficient. They will sharpen more aggressively and quickly without overheating and damaging the sharp edge. No lubricants or oils are required to maintain the diamond coated conical disks. Pretty impressive for a machine that sharpens at the challenging speed of 3,600 RPM. EdgeCraft, the company behind Chef's Choice, have done nothing short of mastering the manual and electric knife sharpener. The goal of the company when they were founded in 1986, the very reason for their existence, was to create THE best knife sharpener in the entire world. They accomplished that feat and continue to top themselves through the Chef's Choice brand.

Name: Chef's Choice Diamond Hone 3-Stage Deluxe Hybrid Sharpener M270
UPC: 87877102709
Manufacturer: Chefs Choice