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Carl Mertens Safari Children's Coffee Spoon

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  • Stainless steel coffee spoon
  • Tailored to children's size
  • Model 1005
  • Handmade in Germany
Coffee is considered one of the greatest, most universal drinks in the whole world. It helped move medieval Europe out of the dark ages and into the Renaissance, the same way it helps move people out of a groggy morning into a productive day. In this day and age, children are even drinking coffee. So the Carl Mertens Children's Safari Coffee Spoon is a necessity if you know a child that likes a good latte or cappuccino. It's lightweight, tailored to fit the size of a child's hand, and offers a sleek, stainless steel look. Handcrafted in Germany, this spoon was made with world class craftsmanship. So treat yourself with one today.
Name: Carl Mertens Safari Children's Coffee Spoon
UPC: 4005457290079
Manufacturer: Carl Mertens